L&L Machine Catalogs

(L&L – New CNC Flatbed & Conventional Lathes)

L&L - All-in-one-machines

TA Series:

Flatbed CNC lathes 30” & 34” swing with 4”-12” spindle bores; 1.3M-5.3M center distances.

MA & MA-U Series:

Flatbed CNC lathes with Single or Double-turret, 34” & 38” swing; 6”-8”-9”-10”-12” spindle bores; 1.3-5.3M center distances (51”-208″)8”).

LS-C, LS-S, LS-U Series:

Heavier Precision Flatbed CNC lathes 38” & 48” swing; 6”-21.5” spindle bores; 1.2M-8.2M center distances (47”-322”).

LS-C is a chucking model with Single H6 (Horizontal 6 station turret) and Z-axis ballscrew centered directly below the spindle centerline between the guideways. Excellent design for large hole drilling, heavy-boring, and internal/external thread-cutting on pipes and oil or mining tools.

LS-S models are traditional single turret machines (H4 or V8) with provision for crosslide-mounted boring attachments for bars 2”-12” diameter x 47”-105” long.

LS-U models feature Double turrets (H4 and V8). Excellent for Turbine discs, Hydraulic cylinders, large valves, shafts, and pipes.

LFS & LFM Series:

Our Flatbed CNC Brutes, LFS features 32” bed width; 55”; 63”; or 71.5” swing, and 1M-10M center distances (39”-390”). Tailstock live quill is 200mm diameter.

LFM models have 40” bed width; also 55”-63”-71.5” swing; and 3M-10M center distances (118”-390”). Live tailstock quill is 250mm diameter (10”). Maximum supported workweight up to 40,000 kgs (88,000 lbs). Standard motor 37/45kW (50/60HP); Optional 60/75kW (80/100HP); Double carriages available. Very rigid design for heavy steel shafts and drums, large diameter facing, high-hardness roll turning. On-board work-piece balancing option is available for setup balancing.

LL Series:

Unique design Flatbed CNC featuring 5-guide one-piece box-way bed and box-way crosslide – carriage(s) run along the full Z-axis length of bed β€œin front” of workpiece without interference from steady rest(s); boring saddle; or tailstock. β€œHigh-low wrap-around” boxway design maintains the rigidity of flat-bed lathes, with the combined advantage of no interference from slant-bed designs.

Three basic sizes are available for full length turning diameters of 550mm; 750mm; and 950mm (22”-30”-38”). Center distances range from 3M-10M for LL-550, and 3M-16M (628”) for LL-750 and LL-950. Spindle bores from 6”-16” diameter. Manual or hydraulic steady rests with programmable clamp-unclamp positioning bases are available. Ideal design for full-length uninterrupted OD turning of cylinders, shafts, pipes, and rolls.

LLA, LLB, LLS Series:

These β€œSmart Machines” are kicked-up versions of LL-Series featuring capabilities for complex multi-axis processing of workpieces. Operations such as turn-milling, worm milling; thread hobbing, gear-tooth generation, angled hole drilling, tapping, deep boring, polishing, and grinding are possible. Simultaneous 4 or 5 axis cutting utilizes X-Y-Z-B & C axes. Machines are available with front disc turrets or column-type Y-Axis spindle carriers for driven tools with up to 25HP motor and 20 position ATC (automatic tool changer). Programmable steady rests and special-purpose rear-mounted saddles increase the versatility of this modular design. Video surveillance packages and in-process gauging also increase productivity and ensure successful results for operators, managers, and customers.

LA-NC, A-NC, B-NC Series:

Conventional-NC Hybrid Lathes with electronic handwheels and programmable menu-prompted cycles having swing over bed from 30”-65”; spindle bores from 4”-16”; and center distances from 1500mm-7000mm (60”-275”).

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