Over 30 years experience, You Ji obtained customers’ support in Design and quality of machine. There are many of machines to meet customers’ different need. Table diameter from Ø200 to Ø8000mm. You Ji is the first machine manufacturer passed C.E. and EMC and begin sales in Europe market. You Ji is the biggest vertical lathe manufacturer in Taiwan.

The cooperation between You Ji and other advanced machine manufacturers helps to upgrade the quality of You Ji products and expect to provide customers the best and the soonest service in business.

Vertical Lathe.horizontal Lathe, Single Purpose Machines for Metal Cutting, Special-purpose Machines for Metal Cutting, CNC Lathes, High Speed High Precision Two Spindle Two Turret Turning Center, Vertical Machining Center, Horizontal Machining Center, Spindles for Drilling, Spindles for Boring, Spindles for Milling, Slides, Hydraulic


  • 1978 YOU JI was established at Bali Township, Taipei, mainly produced single function machines, special purpose machines and boring machines.
  • 1981 Due to plant expansion, the company moved to Kaohsiung County.
  • 1991 Successfully researched and developed medium-sized CNC vertical turning lathe- YV series.
  • 1992 Horizontal Turning Lathe with Hydraulic Turret design was submitted to the domestic market. You Ji has been the first company successfully to develop and build hydraulic system into CNC lathe in Taiwan. In the same year, the second factory was established and You JI started to export its products into global market.
  • 1993 Turnover was increased to NT$50 millions.
  • 1994 More than 20 exclusive local agents and all over the world had been established.
  • 1995 Turnover was increased to NT$90 millions.
  • 1996 Qualification of CE norm.
  • 1997 Qualification of EMC certificate and extended the plant to 10,000 square meter.
  • 1998 Successfully researched and developed CNC vertical machining center-VMC series.
  • 1999 Successfully researched and developed CNC vertical turning lathe-VTL series.
  • 2000 CNC reverse turning lathe YR-320 series was development successfully.
  • 2001 You Ji has been the first company successfully to develop and build the multi- function vertical turning lathe.
  • 2002 Subsidiary was established at Kun Shan, China.
  • 2003 VMC1100-2S Vertical machine center with 2 spindle to be presented to the public.
  • 2004 Successfully researched and developed CNC horizontal machining center-HMC series, and qualified of ISO9001 in the same year.
  • 2005 Extended the plant to 17,500 square meter.
  • 2006 Vertical lathe with Auto pallet changer, special design for bearing manufacture- VTS series, double RAM vertical turning lathe to be presented to the public. Turnover was increased to NT$2 billions.
  • 2007 Successfully researched and developed CNC heavy duty flat bed turning lathe -YB series and VTL3000ATC、VTL4000ATC to be presented to the public. You Ji is in the leading position of big vertical lathe manufacture. The plant in Kun Shan, China was established.
  • 2008 Successfully researched and developed huge turning lathe equips with hydrostatic bearing- VTH series and CNC gantry type machining center. Turnover was increased to NT$4.5 billions.
  • 2009 Successfully researched and developed horizontal floor type milling and boring machine as well as double column 5 faces machining center.
  • 2010 Heavy duty vertical turning center with hydrostatic table transmission successfully introduced to foreign market; the table diameter ranges from 3 meter to 7 meter.
  • 2011 YOU JI Successfully launched 130mm and 150mm spindle quill diameter horizontal boring machine to local and foreign markets; covering Asian, European and South American countries.
  • 2012 YOU JI move to new facility in March, in the meantime invest in buying new machines to expand the in-house production scale, control production quality and total machine production capacity.


Floor Space: 155,000msq
Employees: 460 people (Taiwan, 250 people (China), 120 people (Brazil)

Research and Development

Based on management philosophy, as a stand-alone machine or as part of a flexible manufacturing system, the versatile design configuration of You Ji’s products would be your best choice in any aspect of industrial application:

  • Decreased gravitational and centrifugal forces maintain zero elliptical motion during cutting giving optimum roundness.
  • Excellent surface contact between work-piece and chuck to ensure higher precision machining on all YV series machines.
  • Easy to loading & unloading for irregular-shaped and heavy-duty work-pieces.
  • Vertical turning lathe occupies less floor-space in setting up.
  • Vertical turning lathe is based on ergonomics designed and simple to link with the automatic production line.

Manufacturing Process

There is no secret for running a manufacturing business. The most important issue is to be aware of the latest industrial information, to collect and analyze information efficiently, and to transform them into the appropriate products at the right time for the right people. As well as to create as much value as possible for the customers, and simultaneously, the development of both parties is continued in the win-win situations.

This is You Ji’s business philosophy since its establishment t in 1977. In practice, the utilization of the high precision manufacturing facilities and the adoption of the strict assembly control with rigorous inspection in the factory always ensures the perfect completion of each machine.

Our goal is always to meet customers’ applications by collaborating and exchanging information with the international manufacturers, and continuously developing and upgrading the techniques and design in production, in order to offer higher quality products and prompt after-sale services. Therefore, the customers are thoroughly satisfied and benefited from its 26 years great experience and the total commitment.

  • Ranked first on Taiwan Machine tools industrial in 2009
  • Production capacity: 600 units of CNC Vertical Turning Lathes per year.
  • Taiwan leading manufacturer of huge size Horizontal Machining Center. Size of working table: 2400mm-2600mm
  • Taiwan leading manufacturer of huge size Horizontal Floor Type Boring and Milling Machine. X axis:14m, Y axis:6m


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