No matter the time of year, we can customize a lease that is specific to your business needs.

Step Up, Step Down

Step Up, Step Down payments allow you to accelerate payments during your busy times and reduce payments during your slow times. Timing is everything, and we’re here to help set up a lease best suited for you.

90 Days No Payment

Need equipment as soon as possible? With our 90 Day No Payment option, you can have the equipment you need now so that your business starts generating revenue immediately.


Quarterly payments allow you to pay every three months as compared to the industry standard of every month. This will not only help cash flow but it will help you customize a payment plan around your business cycle.

Semi-Annual, Annual

Semi-Annual and Annual payments allow you to make more payments during the peak seasons and less payments during the slow seasons. We want to give you the flexibility that helps your business move forward.

6-72 Months

We offer terms that start at 6 months to 72 months. Let us know what term you would like, and we would be happy to offer a variety of solutions.

(Please note that our most common requested term is 36 months. Payments and credit approvals are O.A.C.)

In today’s market, having an edge over your competitors is more important than ever. We understand the challenges that
each business faces, and we want to ensure that we create a finance solution that best suits each company’s needs.
Lease financing is the ultimate business tool that will not only allow companies to keep up with the constantly evolving trades in which they are involved, but it also frees up capital and keeps valuable assets current. Leasing with us allows you to inject capital back into your company and still get the equipment you need to get ahead and stay ahead.

  • Having the equipment generate profit to help pay for itself.
  • Being able to stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge equipment.
  • Offering the freedom of leasing versus using a line of credit.
  • Being up to 100 percent tax-deductible in Canada.
  • Structuring payment plans that work for each business.
  • Providing competitive interest rates.
  • Leasing solutions for all sized companies, including start-up, non-profit, national and multinational.