Condor Vcplus Engine Lathe

Brings a new dimension to engine lathes.
High quality, powerful and energy-efficient precision lathe for high productivity applications in production and tool making as well as in apprenticeships and vocational training.
High quality, energy-efficient, precise and universally usable in production, apprenticeships and vocational training. It impresses through:
• Sophisticated technology
• Extreme accuracy
• Durability
• Field-proven ergonomics
• Extremely small footprint
• and an extensive range of accessories.
The systematic and innovative further development of the proven Condor range is the cost-effective and intelligent solution for your everyday requirements.


• Distance between centres 800 mm, Centre height 180 mm
• Automatic handwheel release
• Lead screw and feed rod cover
• Holding brake
• Toolmakers accuracy in accordance with DIN 8605
• Innovative trend-setting machine concept
• Infinitely variable speed control w/maintenance-free 3-phase asynchronous motor
• Speed regulated frequency converter with actual value feedback
• Stepless turning speed optimization through a potentiometer (override)
• Stepless feed optimization during machining through a potentiometer (override)
• Top cutting conditions for extremely fine surfaces
• VC Plus: innovative, user-friendly display and control electronics
• “e-TIM“ energy saving system minimizes power consumption
• Optional “e-LISSY“ teaching concept enables the machine to be individually adapted to the training level of each operator through coded chips
• Extensive and practice-oriented accessories

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– BFG Machine Tools Inc.