Offering a wide range of products from Slant Bed Turning Centers to Horizontal Boring Mills. Johnford represents continuous innovation and expertise. Johnford machines are leading the industry precisely made with high technology.


Established in 1979, Roundtop Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. has grown steadily in scale and scope of business. Today has grown steadily in scale and scope of business. Today Roundtop has become a public company listed on the stock exchange. With over 20 years experience in the design and manufacturing of precision machine tools, we have maintained the leading position in Taiwan through innovation, quality, and flexibility. Roundtop is dedicated to offering customers the best in machine tools.

Modern Facilities

Our modern facilities include an earthquake proof computerized 8 stories office building. This excellent working environment provides a solid foundation for us to manufacture the best quality machines. These facilities enable us to deliver a broad range of standard and special machines with a short lead time.

Research and Development

With experienced designers and the advanced facilities of our R & D department, we constantly develop and produce high performance new models. Our R & D engineers employ the latest Finite Element Analysis software to ensure maximum design performance. Our wide range of machines include: Vertical CNC lathes, Vertical machining centers, Horizontal machining centers,5-face and 5-axis (sliding) Double column machining centers, Slant bed turning centers, Flat-bed CNC lathes, CNC liquid forging machines (patented) and Screw cutting CNC lathes (patented).

Manufacturing Process

Roundtop insists on excellent quality. For over 20 years, we have paid special attention to improving the entire manufacturing process. From casting to precision grinding, from assembly to final inspection, each step throughout the manufacturing processes is strictly controlled. Roundtop machines are both ISO 9001 and CE certified.

Quality and Service

Priority service, business perpetuity, and mutual benefit” is our mission statement. Furthermore, we are serious about quality, customer input, and reacting to market demands. Roundtop’s fully equipped quality control department performs the final inspection of the machine and in process inspection of parts. Our quality control personnel are well trained to conduct rigorous inspections by using precision, sophisticated instruments. We deeply believe that quality is the life of our company and customer service is the power that drives our company forward.

– BFG Machine Tools Inc.