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Innovation in our Own Back Yard

Innovation in our Own Back Yard

KWL was established in Germany 1995 and started as a sub-supplier of custom components for various industries like shipbuilding, tool manufacturing, and mechanical engineering.
One year after start-up, KWL launched the first peening hardware to replace the manual polishing procedure and started the development of an independent CAM-Software to improve the accuracy of peening patterns.
After some years of research and development the accurapuls-system of peening is the first product line, which has exceptional advantages besides surface refinement.
The accurapuls-system of peening improves the roughness of the surface, increases significantly the hardness of the surface layer and inherent compressive stress can be induced into depth of 10/15 mm.
This unique process and the related fields of applications led to the realignment of the company, which is reflected in the marketing of the first product line.

The process of peening is based on the mechanism of moving a coil electromagnetically. Due to the current flow the moving coil creates a force (Lorenz-force), which acts in direction of the coil.
This force is proportional to the induced current and it‘s effective direction follows the current flow direction. Mechanical vibration can be generated through electromagnetic oscillation, by using an AC-power-system.

Replacement of manual polishing:
The accurapuls-system of peening can replace in most of the cases the manual and cost intensive process of polishing. The total cycle time can be reduced significantly, surface rouhgness of less than 0,3 µm can be achieved, while total reproducibility, true to size and security of operation are guaranteed.

Higher savings through longer lifetime:
Mechanical components and tools perform much longer after treatment with the accurapuls-system of peening. Reasons are the induced inherent compressive stress, which leads to higher hardness of the surface layer combined with the CNC-polished surface. Secondary costs for unplanned down times, spare tools and parts can be minimized by the use of the accurapuls-system of peening.

Low complexity of integration:
The accurapuls-system of peening – compared to other technologies – is easy to integrate into the existing workflow.

Increased process safety and stability:
Specifically developed accurapuls-CAM-Software assures absolute reproducibility and sound operations.

Current conventional technologies (coating, new materials, polishing) are limited in development with reference to durability, restistance and accurate surfaces.
The combination of high precision computerised 3-D-software with the historical known operation of peening offers high potential for further innovation.

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