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Reducing Downtime

Reducing Downtime

When workload increases efficiency becomes essential to being successful. With added system efficiencies, to increase production, we are better able to enhance our accuracy, overall consistency and marketability of our products. Offering a quality, reliable product with on time delivery to our customers is extremely important to us at Regent Global Machine Tool. By thinking outside the box with innovative ideas and methods with the goal of delivering quality, high end products to our customers is imperative to both RGMT and most important, to our customer’s success.

1. Implement the Right System

Implementing a robot arm is not a matter of replacing people, it’s a tool that enables us to grow our operation utilizing technology. The robotics allows us to expand our operations by handling larger workloads while enduring less physical strain from manual lifting. When you are lifting thirty-five to eighty-five pound parts repetitively, people get hurt. The robot arm has become an extension of the person’s arm so to speak. This enables us to preserve the health and wellness of our employees, increase moral and at the same time increase facility efficiency to meet the demands of our customers.

2. Train Employees

We are investing in our employees as much as we are investing in technology. Automation has become a training tool in the advancement of our employees. We have invested in our employees through progressive training so that they understand how the machine integrates with the CNC’s. Their knowledge enables them to not only program the robotics so the arm takes the proper steps to get parts into the right location, it also engages them in creative methods of looking at the entire process so they can work smarter and not harder.   

3. Choose the Right Machines

The Johnford’s sixty-degree slant bed is a huge advantage. It offers the machinist the ability to reach through and be on top of the chuck to change out parts and jaws with ease. This is important, so choosing the Johnford Turning Centers for this system is a smart idea. Having a wide standing point eliminates bending. Workers can swap and adjust parts and jaws easily, with no resistance or grief from being hunched over with heavy weight. This allows for a faster and more accurate set-up, in-turn adding to the overall efficiency of this system.

Reliability is number one. I’m not into disposable stuff. I like to have a flow in operation. If the operator has to play around with inferior equipment he/she will become frustrated and disgruntled.  Part of running a quality facility is being accountable to your employees and customers alike. With our four Johnford turning centers we have had absolutely no issues. This is a machine that has been put together well.

4. Choose the Right Service

Service to me is number one. When we have a problem and we phone BFG Service First, they are here right away. If I have a problem, I know I can rely on them to be here. I recognize that it is a part of the industry where technicians contribute at different levels. But I also know that there will be someone here from BFG to diagnose without delay, and the appropriate technician to immediately follow up with the repair. The service care is there and that is valuable to me in maintaining the machines and reducing downtime.

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