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Pro-Active Vs. Re-Active

Pro-Active Vs. Re-Active

Preventive maintenance (PM) will mitigate unscheduled down time. If service is scheduled for a PM, BFG can locate issues and order parts in advance. If those parts take three or four weeks to come in, the customer is still running and they can schedule at their leisure to have the parts replaced. So rather than being down for three weeks or a month, they are down for the one or two days that it takes to repair that part. This is where the real savings come in.
The idea behind preventive maintenance is for companies to be proactive with scheduled maintenance versus reactive with condition-based repairs, costly them waiting times and loss of production.
A large part of component failures is due to house keeping. Companies should do a daily – weekly – monthly maintenance check. Each machine manufacturer has specifications in their manual of what should be done on a regular basis for maintenance. Along with regular maintenance, an annual, full preventive maintenance plan should be implemented. This would involve taking the machine apart and looking at ball screws, backlash, spindles, barrings, lubrication, and all of the costly stuff that can either cause or prevent down time.
For example, the daily cleanliness of a machine is going to save money down the road by preventing chip build up. If a machine is kept clean, costly chip build up will be avoided where wipers deteriorate, chips get wedged under cover and get into the ball screw causing barring damage. The neglect of daily housekeeping could account for 90% of component failures.
The BFG PM program is designed to preserve and restore equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they fail. Preventive maintenance activities include partial or complete overhauls at specified periods, oil changes,
lubrication and so on. In addition, workers can record equipment deterioration so they know to replace or repair worn parts before they cause system failure.
BFG has a formal checklist that applies across the board for manual equipment, CNC’s, Lathes and Mills etc. They provide recommendations on the program along with the technician’s notes. From there it is up to the customer to say yes or no to whether they would like to order parts, but regardless BFG will call and remind them of any concerns and monitor it as closely as possible.

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