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Happy with Weiler

Happy with Weiler

Armor Machine and Manufacturing, an Edmonton leader of machining and custom manufacturing, has been developing and implementing down-hole drilling components since 1982.
Technical expertise and valuable experience, combined with the latest technology has given Armor the capacity to grow and become the well-known leader they are today.

This expertise was exercised in the decision to purchase Weiler Lathes.
“Buying 6 machines within a 3-year period speaks volumes for the strength of this brand and how it has impacted our business. “ says Brian Blair, Plant Manager of Armor Machine.
“I knew they were reliable, rigid, precise, and extremely user friendly machines to run. It was a no brainer for us and didn’t take long for us to act on.”
Within 6 months of purchasing their first E50 and E70 and over the next two years, Armor added two more E70’s, an E90, and another E50 to their shop floor.

Weiler enjoys worldwide renown as the number one machine for batch manufacturing and repair work in the oil and gas industry.
Weiler has dominated this industry all over the world from the North Sea to Kazakhstan, UAE, Brazil, Texas, and Singapore, and all points in between.

Armor Machine has come to trust Weiler Lathes not only for reliability but also for likability. Brett Mugford, Business Process Manager for Armor notes “The Weiler Lathes have played a big part in employee retention. The guys like running these machines and moral is kept high.”

Jason St. Jean Production Manager adds “We have had a lot of success with these machines and great support from BFG, we have no reason to change. We are extremely happy with our set up, and so are our machinists.”

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